To all Managers and Players of the WCHL

In a continuing effort to promote fairness in our league a few modifications have been made to the statistics engine on our web site.

The first modification is that the league is now able to lock the online game sheets. Teams will be given three (3) days to enter a game sheet. If a team neglects to enter the info in that time the sheet will be locked. Team editors can not make changes or additions once the league has locked a game sheet.

The second modification is that we now have the ability to track all editors and the changes made under their logon.

Thirdly, the league will enter rosters. All teams must submit their roster to the league one-week before the start of the season. Teams should note that players would not receive credit for any games played during the absence of a roster. Games played will only register once the roster is submitted. Late additions can be made through the league.

These modifications were made to prevent a small few from undermining the integrity of the site. It is the leagues wish that the information found online is accurate and true. This can’t be done without the efforts of everyone. Any team found manipulating or misrepresenting their statistics would face possible expulsion from the league.



Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the Toolkit.
The toolkit activation link is located in the top right corner of this frame. If it does not appear when you log in a modification to your browser will correct the issue.
1. At the top of your browser click on (Tools) and then (Internet options).
2. Now open the Privacy tab.
3. Click on edit.
4. In the Address of Web site area type (
click allow and OK to exit.

How do I enter scores
1. Turn on the toolkit.
Navigate to the Team pages, using the Teams link on the left.
2. Click on Enter Scores.
3. Find the your teams game, and click on Report Score.

How do I enter Game Sheets 
1. Turn on the toolkit.
Navigate to the Team pages, using the Teams link on the left.
2. Find your team link in red and click on it.
3. Click on Enter Game Sheet.
4. Check the small box for each player that played.
5. Enter number of goals, assists and penalty minutes for each player.

How do I enter Rosters
1. Turn on the toolkit.
2. Navigate to the Team pages, using the Teams link on the left.
3. Find your team link in red and click on it.
4. Click on Roster.

You have several options when entering your roster. You can choose to import the roster from last season and modify it. Create your roster from scratch. The Bulk load option should only be used by advanced users.

For information on the use of this site please contact: