Winnipeg Central Hockey League

Jagr Bombs
Winter 2017 - 2018 Season
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Game # 34816 Jagr Bombs at Falcons
10:00 PM Monday, February 26, 2018 Bertrand (City Arena)

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Jagr Bombs Roster
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Player Name Position Action
Active Roster
(*) Steve Skehar Goalie [login]
(*) Dustin Freeman Goalie [login]
Spare Roster
(*) Robert Derksen Goalie [login]
(*) Greg Greaves Goal [login]
Active Roster
(*) Brent Tyndall [login]
(*) James Knight [login]
(*) Tyler Manitowich [login]
(*) Justin Reed [login]
(*) Adam Sharp [login]
(*) Danny Hagues [login]
(*) Jeff Mehmel [login]
(*) David Lee [login]
(*) Dustin Marks [login]
(*) Mike Phillips [login]
(*) Jason Yuel [login]
(*) Chris Nicol [login]
(*) Brendan Pritchard [login]
Spare Roster
(*) Shaun Cameron [login]
(*) Kory Shell [login]