The Storm
Winter 2017 - 2018 Season
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The Storm Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
00 Goalie Blair Mckibbon (Attendance)

3 Forward Corey Beck Left (Attendance)

4 Forward Ernie Regent (Attendance)

10 Defense Kent Johnson Left (Attendance)

11 Forward Brennan Michelle (Attendance)

12 Forward Kevin Genaille (Attendance)

14 Defense Matt Thompson Left (Attendance)

15 Forward Hubert Contois (Attendance)

16 Forward Phil Goodwin Left (Attendance)

17 Defense W. Tyrone Schroeder (Attendance)

19 Defense Kerry Hanslip R (Attendance)

20 Kurtis Carpenter (Attendance)

24 Marty Boulanger (Attendance)

61 Forward John Hunter Right (Attendance)

69 Defense Colin Gautier Right (Attendance)

88 Josh Dumas (Attendance)

Spare Roster
Goalie Robert Schulz (Attendance)

Goalie Colin Gauthier (Attendance)

Bench The Storm (Attendance)

9 Forward Darian Genaille Right (Attendance)

9 Dorian Carierre (Attendance)

18 Brent Tailins (Attendance)

19 Forward Dale Williamson (Attendance)

61 Rene Hunter (Attendance)

77 Brad Guay (Attendance)

97 Forward Richard Marcoux (Attendance)